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Here you will find examples of my Animal portraits - Pet portraits. You can have any kind of Animal or Pet painted - Dogs, Cats, Horses,  Rabbits,  Birds, even your Tiger kiddy or pet Snake and more... 
Working from your photographs, all paintings and drawings are given the greatest attention to Details, that will capture the character of Your Animal friend. An  Animal portrait will make a excellent gift, and is a memory that will last forever - and be appreciated for a life time. Spoil your self or someone you know.  Expect 2 - 4 weeks for delivery once I get your photos. For Price / Order and all other Information, go to prices click  here. On the price page you can also find information for Gift certificates, a highly appreciated surprise for anyone. Don't forget to see the Cat and Horse page - just click on the links above when your are done with this page.

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Gouache  (color)   -  Ink  (black & white)

Chow Chow


 Doberman Pincher




 Golden Retriever


Labrador Mix




  Flatcoated Retriever and mix




   Sheltie mix


Bernese Mountain Dog


   German Shepherd puppy

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